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Zaron ® roofing is one of the worlds most advanced pre-painted steel products for the building and construction industry.

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Roofing Sheets

Zaron ® roofing is one of the worlds most advanced pre-painted steel products for the building and construction industry.It is an ideal solution for the tropical climates of South Asia, capable of withstanding extreme environmental conditions, ultra-violet radiation, humidity, etc. and gives long lasting and smart looking buildings.Zaron ® roofing is typically supplied in Twenty one standard colours with a possibility of your exclusive colour.

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Superior Colour Retention

The unique composition of the paint system consists of RMP or SMP or super durable polyester resins and inorganic pigments that do not break down easily even under severe UV radiation, thus resit colour fading.

Superior Paint Adhesion

The coating used in the manufacture of Zaron ® roofing is formulated to resist cracking and peeling during forming roll and usages.

Colour and profile choices

The wide range of colours in the standard Zaron ® roofing range gives building designers and owners more creative licence to come up with something that has a unique presence.

Thermally efficient

Roofing made from Zaron ® roofing can assist in controlling the amount of heat entering your building. In fact, under certain circumstances lighter colours may even help you qualify for insulation concessions, adding to overall construction cost and time savings.

Strong and durable

With its corrosion resistant steel base and baked on paint finish that resists chipping, peeling and cracking,
Superior Brands

Substrate 55% AL, 43.5% ZN 1.5% SI as per ASTMA792M 55% AL, 43.5% ZN, 1.5% SI as per ASTMA 792M
Tensile Strength 300 and 550 Mpa 300 and 550 Mpa
Coating Mass AZ 70 , AZ 150 , AZ 200 AZ 70 , AZ 150 , AZ 200
Total Coated 0.35 TCT to 0.60TCT 0.25 TCT to 0.60 TCT
Paint NA Regular modified polyester system(RMP), Silicon modified polyester system(SMP), Super Durable Polyester(SDP)
Available Colors
  • Skyblue
  • Golden yellow
  • Orange
  • Neon Red
  • Violet
  • Royal Blue
  • Aqua
  • Slate Grey
  • Graphite Grey
  • Off White
  • Sandal
  • Brick red
  • Purple
  • Taurus Blue
  • Mist Green
  • Reliance Green
  • Caulifield Green
  • Chocolate Brown