Standing Seam

It gives architects freedom to design a wide range of curved roof

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Standing Seam

Zaron ® standing seam roof is the latest addition to the roofing portfolio. It gives architects freedom to design a wide range of curved roof. Zaron has become one of the few manufacturers to bring in this technology to south India. The sheet is mecahanically seamed to the aluminium clips. This is basically a screwless roofing. Hence the astethics is much superior compared to the regular roofing.

Superior Asthetics

The Zaron Standing seam sheets have superior asthetics compared to the traditional trapezoidal roofing system. No screw is used. Hence the surface looks clean. This can also be curved in concave and convex manner. Hence architects can make use of this to bring their ideas to life.

No Screw no Holes

This means that the surface of the sheet is not damaged. Hence it gives a much longer lifetime compared to other roofing systems. No leakage means your precious materials inside the building are protected the way you want it to be.

On Site Rollforming

This enables the Engineers to fix the sheets on site. Our machine will be made available at your site and the manufacturing would be done directly. Hence no damages in sheet. Also the sheet length can be manufactured upto 25 metes long. So no more overlapping. Just clean and good looking roof.
Thickness Ys
Aluminium 0.7 - 1.0 mm G550
PPGL 0.47 - 0.7 mm G250 - 300